Get the Most Out of Your Studio Apartment with Room Dividers

Get the Most Out of Your Studio Apartment with Room Dividers

Most people have mixed feelings about studio apartments. Some argue they’re too small and impossible to design while others appreciate the lower cost and minimalist living spaces. But studios don’t have to be defined by their lack of separation, especially when you can use room dividers to create structure and privacy. 

But before we dive into how to use room dividers to get the most out of your studio apartment, it’s important to understand why dividers are necessary at all. For some, studios are the perfect living situation. Others don’t find them as charming – here’s why:

The pros and cons of studio apartments


Most renters choose studios because they’re more affordable than 1-bedrooms apartments and townhomes, especially in cities and busy residential areas. And while some may view the small space as an issue, studio dwellers know that this reduces the cost of utilities like air conditioning, heat, and electricity. This makes them a more sustainable living option, helping you support a more sustainable future in your home without breaking the bank or resorting to costly renovations.

Because they’re more affordable, renters can live alone rather than sharing multi-bedroom apartments with roommates. Though communal living is quite popular, issues like lack of privacy, messy living habits, and mismatched energy are common. 

In the age of over-consumption, minimalist living has made a surprising resurgence. It reduces stress and helps you focus on what’s really important, among other benefits. And while some may view studios as crowded, disorganized spaces, minimalists see opportunities for sophisticated and elegant designs. 


The most common argument against studios is that they’re too small –  the average US studio apartment is just 600 square feet. This lack of floor space makes it difficult to entertain guests. And because every square foot matters, there’s often no room to store seasonal wardrobe items, hobby equipment, and other personal items. 

Most people like things separate – their kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom. This makes open floor plan studios a non-starter, making your living space feel more like a dorm room than a modern home. 

Even though you’re renting, decorating an apartment makes it feel like home. And whether it’s furniture, artwork, or ornamental pieces, studios don’t leave a lot of room for anything but the essentials – you’ll have to make some tough decorative choices. 

But why do these things matter? Well, if you’re looking to add a sense of privacy and structure to your studio apartment, you need to know how to get the most out of the space. 

How do you separate spaces in a studio apartment?

Studios combine the kitchen, living room, and bedroom into a single room, creating awkward spacing. And because your lease won’t allow you to make any major renovations, room dividers act as makeshift walls that help separate space in these small apartments. Here are some ways to take control of your limited space and make your studio feel like a home.

How to use room dividers to maximize your studio apartment space

Create a sense of privacy and visual separation

Place a cardboard room divider between your bed and the rest of the room to create a private sleeping space.

grey studio room divider

Use portable dividers to slide in and out of host-mode

Hosting guests can be difficult, especially when your bed and entertainment space are the same space. But if you don’t want to give up hosting, portable room dividers are the best way to host without sacrificing privacy altogether. Just slide the temporary walls into place to keep certain areas “off-limits” when visitors are over and out of the way once everyone leaves. These also work great for storing large items and hiding excess clutter – just move the divider back and forth like a sliding door whenever you need to access the area.  

Improve acoustic quality in the tiny space

The lack of permanent, structural walls does not bode well for the acoustics in these apartments. And if you share your studio with a partner, this will quickly prove to be an issue. But even with the limited square footage, you can spot-reduce sound in certain areas of the room with acoustic room dividers. These work especially well when used to separate the living room from the bed or create a small office space. 


Design is functional

And lastly, dividers don’t have to be functional. They can also be used as a standalone design element, customizing them with images, patterns, or text that inject personality into the confined space.

custom tiger design partition

Other ways to create a sense of separation in your studio

Room dividers aren’t the only way to organize your studio apartment – here are a few other creative ways to do so. 

Choose accent furniture pieces

Place an accent chair or sofa between the living room and bedroom to create an architectural divide between the two. This also works with side tables – they offer visual separation that demarcates the two spaces. 

Experiment with different light fixtures

If most of your light originates from the ceiling, try experimenting with floor-based light fixtures that stand out and illuminate the space. Or if you want to preserve as much floor space as possible, low-hanging architectural fixtures can alter the lighting and shadows, giving the appearance of separation. 

Erect a shelf that divides the room and doubles as storage space

One of the complaints of studio apartments is that they don’t have any room for storage. Though this is often the case, a two-way shelving unit can divide the room in two and double as a storage unit for a clothing rack, holiday decorations, or whatever else you need to store.

Hang a dividing curtain 

If you’re tight on budget, curtains are a quick division solution that work for almost any space, especially studio apartments. Hang a line near the ceiling that enables you to slide the curtain out of the way. They’re also great for controlling the natural light in the room. 

With multiple ways to “create” more space in your studio apartment with room dividers, you should be able to find one that works for you. And if you’re ready to level up your living space without breaking the bank, shop our collection of room dividers.