Pensprout flower-like decoration capping pencil being used.
Pensprouts assembly process is paper being rolled atop a pencil
Pensprouts koi pattern with leaves like fish and seigaiha pattern in it.
Pensprouts close up of purple and pink lacy flower made up of damask pattern petals.
Pensprouts flower made up of geometric and primary color square petals.
Pensprouts in all patterns flat before they are rolled on pencils.



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PenSprouts are strips of intricately cut paper that wrap around a pen or pencil, transforming it into one of three colorful imaginary flowers. The design is a fitting celebration of the creative process as their design sprouted from our love of paper and pencils. Pen Sprouts are made in the US from FSC certified paper. The sprouts are available in three styles: Koi, Metric and Damask.



Locally Sourced
Curbside Recyclable
Recycled Content
Efficient Packaging
Design Aikido
Renewable (FSC Certified)



12” / 30.5cm
4” / 10cm
Weight .05lb / 23g
Material FSC Certified laser cut paper
Warranty Manufacturing defects
Shipping Dimensions WxDxH  Size: 22x20x37" / 56x51x94cm 
Shipping Weight .07lbs / 32g

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