The Ethics of Design

Our ultimate goal is re-imagining consumption patterns, behaviors and our culture at large. That is why we design products, services and systems that account for our needs and those of the ecosystem, while creating new experiences that cater to our human preference for beauty, pleasure and convenience.
"We believe sustainability is a framework for understanding our progress as human beings, not an appendix to an annual report. We need to be measured by our highest standards and potential."

Sustaining our needs and those of future generations is not an aspiration; it is part of our process and values. As society evolves and technology improves, we grow our ability to closely mirror nature and integrate our products with the planet. For us sustainability means changing and growing every day, adapting to our needs and technological opportunities to achieve zero impact.

Good Design is Sustainable Design.

We strive to change the way products are made and used every day. Together, we are helping build a new culture of sustainability and a more responsible economy. This goal is shared by those who work with us, our customers and the B Corp Community of which we are a part of. We believe customers need to be citizens first, by being informed and voting with their actions and their purchasing decisions. 



 MIO Bendant lamps

Sustainable is Beautiful.

At MIO beauty is the result of efficiency, functionality and greater choice. We proudly celebrate local and sustainable materials and processes uncovering their beauty and unlocking value in unexpected places. Our creative process thrives and innovation emerges when social and environmental constraints are added to the mix.

recycled plastic bale

Material Solutions.

Every material and process we use is evaluated for sustainability and social impact. We prioritize renewable and certified materials as well as those that fit technical or natural cycles. Manufacturer selection is based on labor practices, commitment to efficiency and innovation, as well as geographic location. Products are designed with as few resources as possible and made to be disassembled at end of life. We continually invest in new ways of closing material cycles and reducing the impact of our operation and our products.

designer pinning on a cork board

Accessible Ideas.

We believe accessibility and sustainability should go hand-in-hand. Tools for greener living have to be attainable to as many people as possible. Each person has a footprint; the more footprints we can reduce, the lesser their environmental impact.

 coat hanging hooks made from plastic luchadores toys

Context is Everything.

Our designs address underserved and undiscovered needs, behaviors, places and market conditions, enabling us to lead and have a real impact. We design products that are functional, culturally engaged and user-centered. Our customers inspire our design process and inform our research. Understanding the present and predicting the future guides our designers and our company.