A How-To Guide for Room Dividers

Nomad System room divider with a couch in front.

Nomad System is a creative and flexible space making and room dividing solution for homes, work and office environments, lofts, retail, home staging, trade show displays, stage design and more. Nomad System consists of durable double wall corrugated cardboard modules that connect via notches without the need for hardware or tools. The modules come in 24 Tile Packs that ship flat and are available in ten fun colors and custom designs. The modular design makes Nomad infinitely configurable to any size or layout desired. Nomad System has been used worldwide in a variety of applications.

Residential Applications

  • Room dividers
  • Temporary walls
  • Loft partitions
  • Walls for rental units
  • Children's toy
  • Dorm room dividers
  • Home staging
  • Party decorations

Commercial Applications

  • Office cubicles and partitions
  • Event walls
  • Church stage design
  • Retail renovation barriers
  • Photographic backgrounds
  • Acoustical barriers for co-working spaces
  • Temporary changing rooms and walls for pop-up stores
  • Concert and lecture backgrounds and registration areas
  • Window displays and visual merchandising decoration
Nomad System pyramid wall as backdrop for HP event.

Calculating Wall Size
Determining the box quantity needed for creating any size wall is easy. Simply measure the wall you want to make in feet. Find out the height and length of the wall and round them to the nearest square foot. Enter these dimensions on our calculator. Each box of Nomad is roughly 14 square feet of wall in the closed configuration or 20 square feet in the open configuration.

Open vs. Closed Assembly
Nomad System can be configured in open or closed assemblies using the deeper or shallower notches on the sides of the modules. Each assembly serves a different purpose. Closed assemblies create solid walls that serve as visual and sound barriers. Open assemblies create partitions with openings between each row, allowing the separation of a room without completely closing the areas from each other.

Nomad System walls in the closed and open assembly.

Module Increments & Maximum Height
Nomad modules are designed to expand in 14 inches vertically and 16 inches horizontally (using one “X” assembly consisting of two modules). Nomad can however be slightly compressed or stretched to better fit a room horizontally. If you are planning on building a complex structure we recommend using Google Sketchup and downloading our modules here. This will allow for planning the design and testing color combinations and assemblies. Keep in mind walls can be as high and as long as needed, but we recommend not exceeding 20 feet in height as a safety precaution. If you plan on building taller walls we recommend anchoring them with poles or securing them to walls or ceilings with heavyweight fishing line. Alternatively design your taller walls with a corner for greater stability.

Nomad System used as backdrops on sides of stage at Capital One event.

Easy Assembly
Nomad System is tool and hardware-free! Simply open a box and start putting together “X” assemblies. Insert one module into another using the large middle slot. Lay the “X” module assemblies in a row along the path of your wall. If assembling a wall in the closed configuration insert the longer of the shorter slots on either side of the assemblies into the slots of the same length on the assembly to its side. This will secure two “X” assemblies with a third assembly above it. Continue connecting the modules until you reach the last “X” assembly. Repeat for a third row and you will see how the wall will even out. Repeat these steps to the desired height. For the open configuration use the smaller of the slots to create space between the “X” assemblies. Nomad can also turn corners or be assembled into doorways or openings.

Stability, Durability and Maintenance
Nomad System is very stable on its own having a wide 16-inch footprint. This means a Nomad wall will not be easily tipped over unless it is pushed or leaned on. Nomad System can be used in open floor, high traffic spaces such as offices, studios and trade show floors. Uneven floors are not a problem since the modules are able to flex slightly to adjust. Modules can be dusted, vacuumed and cleaned with a damp cloth or an eraser! Individual modules can be replaced as needed if they are damaged or stained. Nomad can take significant weight in the form of signs, work surfaces and displays. We recommend balancing the weight between the front and the back of the wall assembly for best results. Nomad System walls that are smaller can also be easily moved without the need to disassemble them. Be gentle when moving the wall to avoid damaging or folding modules.

Nomad System as backdrop wall closeup at Capital One event.

Custom Nomad System
If you can’t find that wonderful Van Gogh yellow you wanted for your living room or if you want to have a logo printed right on your Nomad, check out our custom styles! We are able to print colors, patterns and images to make it your own. To create your own Nomad modules simply upload your vector artwork or high-resolution images. If you want the image positioned in a specific way enter a short description in the box provided and we will take care of the rest. We will review the files and provide a proof for approval prior to production. Custom Nomad orders typically take up to a week to be delivered but we are also able to print rush orders for time sensitive events such as trade shows and your favorite person’s birthday party. If you are unsure about your artwork simply give us a call or send us an email, we are happy to help.

Nomad System Custom display visual merchandising.