Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels

Introducing FeltForms & QuiltForms: Elevate Your Space with Design-Driven Acoustic Solutions

Bid farewell to echoing spaces and embrace the power of sound design! Tired of scouring the internet for lackluster acoustic treatments? Those dull and uninspiring panels hanging on your walls just won't do the trick.

That's why we've revolutionized the game with FeltForms and QuiltForms – the ultimate game-changers in decorative acoustic wall panels, designed to enhance both the aesthetics and acoustics of your room. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail in the USA, these panels set a new standard for wall treatments while prioritizing sustainability.

Benefits of decorative acoustic wall panels

Why opt for decorative acoustic wall panels, you ask? Absorb sound waves and dampen unwanted noise.

Immerse yourself in the realm of creative sound absorption for audiophiles and design enthusiasts alike. While sleek hardwood floors, minimalist spaces, and bare walls may exude a fresh and modern vibe, they often wreak havoc on sound quality. FeltForms and QuiltForms expertly absorb mid and high-frequency sounds, effectively banishing echoes and reverberations, enveloping your space in warm and inviting acoustics. Experience nothing short of extraordinary sound, whether you're hosting lively dinner parties or enjoying a serene movie night.

Unleash the power of meaningful conversations. Our acoustic wall panels do more than merely muffle sounds; they enhance sound clarity, allowing every word to resonate with authenticity. Say goodbye to strained conversations and welcome an atmosphere where every uttered word rings true.

Simplicity meets exceptional acoustics: Easy to install acoustic panels and acoustic quilts.

Installing our FeltForms and QuiltForms is a breeze, requiring no specialized tools or skills. With ease, mount these user-friendly panels directly on your drywall using double-sided tape, adhesives, or removable Velcro. Achieve a complete and stunning transformation, effortlessly adhering to your timeline and budget.

Explore our captivating collection of FeltForms: Edge, Twist, Deco, or Quad, or unleash your creativity by crafting a unique quilted tangram arrangement with QuiltForms shapes.

Sustainability seamlessly merges with style: Sustainable acoustic solutions for home and office.

Embracing our commitment as a B Corp Certified company, FeltForms and QuiltForms are thoughtfully designed and made in the USA using recycled plastic bottles (rPET). We prioritize responsible sourcing, meticulously selecting materials, processes, and manufacturing techniques that align with our shared values.

Bid farewell to echoes and embrace the symphony of aural harmony. Elevate your space with FeltForms decorative acoustic wall panels and QuiltForms acoustic wall blankets. Rediscover the look, sound, and ambiance of any room with MIO.

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