Universal COM

Unlimited Possibilities

Our Universal COM Program (UCOMP) is the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive product customization program. We offer custom colors, fabrics and finishes on all of our products (including our acoustic solutions) fulfilling the needs and dreams of architects, designers and specifiers. Customize our products for performance, cleanability and design.


nomad system felt custom colors

Brand Agnostic

MIO products are made in the US enabling quick testing and sampling. We are brand agnostic when it comes to finishes and textiles, letting our customers decide what works for their projects. Contact us for pricing and options.

textile sawtches

Textile Customization

We offer customization opportunities that are unique in the A&D community. Our acoustic products can be covered with most polyester based, non-directional materials from most contract textile brands including Carnegie, Designtex, Gabriel, Knoll Textiles and Maharam among others. Have a project in mind? We are happy to help.