Acoustic Room Dividers

Acoustic room dividers

There’s more to a room than how it looks. In fact, the way it feels can even affect the energy and personality of a space. 

So it’s important to make sure you get the feel just right.

Acoustic room dividers are the simple solution to your aesthetic and aural needs. Create better-sounding spaces for music, conversations, and focus all while absorbing unwanted noises and distractions. 

Benefits of acoustic room dividers

Design better-sounding spaces

You don’t need to hear every stray remark in common areas, nor do you want to. Limit acoustics to private spaces with dividers that reduce chatter and contain conversations to just a few feet. 

And when you need to maximize sound in a space, the dividers will cut down on echo and reverberation to produce smooth-sounding audio. 

Improve speech clarity

Acoustic panels don't just reduce the volume in a room, they improve the entire sound presence. 

The room dividers enhance speech and sound clarity so that conversations and music can be heard as intended, without any visual distractions. . 

Create additional privacy 

Privacy is visual and aural - acoustic room dividers offer both. 


Their modular design enables you to create varying levels of privacy in residential and commercial spaces. Divide bedrooms in two or add a half wall that borders the kitchen in your home. Or construct booths at conferences and trade shows that block out distractions. 

MIO’s Acoustic Room Dividers

Redefine what it means to be loud

From living rooms and listening rooms to classrooms and corporate offices, MIO’s acoustic partitions redefine sound in open spaces. And with a modular design, you can take these acoustic panels wherever you go.

Absorb sound in any space

The free-standing, modular panels are adaptable to any space, allowing for an assortment of shapes and layouts. Play with different configurations in your recording studio to generate a range of sounds. Or build a temporary wall in your home that dampens sound from noisy children when you're in the middle of a meeting.

MIO Room Dividers vs. the Other Brands

How is the acoustic quality?

With noise reduction coefficients (NRC) as high as 0.90, the acoustic properties of MIO dividers are unmatched, providing nearly perfect sound absorption. Nomad and Shift dividers can be configured with NRC’s ranging from .25 to .90 to address all your acoustic needs.


And when paired with acoustic ceiling tiles and wall panels, you can fine tune the sound in your home, office, or classroom for optimal quality and warmth. 

Sustainably design and uncompromising quality

When it comes to sustainability, we don’t compromise. The sound-absorbing felt is made in the US from recycled plastic bottles (rPET), reducing sound without harming the environment. 


On top of that, they’re easy to install and maintain, with no special tools or skills required. The dividers are backed by a three-year, commercial-grade warranty.