Modular Room Dividers

MIO Modular Room Dividers

Modular room dividers are the perfect solution to quickly divide rooms, control noise, and improve acoustics.

Create sculptural screens, partitions, and areas of any size for visual & sound privacy. Build tall screens and stepped dividers for event backdrops and trade show displays.

Quickly Divide Rooms

Create shared living spaces, cubicle walls, a spare kids bedroom, and more. MIO room dividers can be moved around to create dramatic visual effects and alternate layouts that fit your residential and commercial needs.

In residential spaces, the design possibilities are endless. Divide shared apartments or dorm rooms on a budget, build completely custom accent walls in open space, or re-shape spaces to suit your imagination.

For commercial use, create a colorful and fun enclosure for children's daycare, build temporary walls to hide construction areas, or design pop-up meeting rooms for your team. And if you're hosting a special event, the modular system will help organize flow to make sure the event runs smoothly. These modular walls strike a balance between one room and two, maintaining a traditional wall feel without totally disrupting air flow overhead.

Control Noise & Improve Acoustics

A modular divider should offer more than visual privacy and flexible setups. Our separation solutions offer true sound control. Made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET), our sound absorbing materials reduce noise, improve clarity, and help define your aural space. 

Improve your sound and visual experiences at home and at work. Create privacy and quiet spaces to focus and be creative. From nooks at the office and backdrops for live performances to breakout spaces in living areas and listening rooms, we make sound control delicious for your eyes and your ears.

Types of Room Dividers

Partitions are meant to do more than simply divide. That's why we designed modular room dividers for every functional use:

  • Cardboard - lightweight and affordable privacy partitions

  • Acoustic - aesthetic and aural solution for instantly better-sounding spaces

  • Portable Soundproofing - portable room dividers for on-the-go soundproofing

  • Custom - custom solutions for whatever you need