Acoustic Drop Ceiling Tiles

As sound waves travel through rooms, they reflect off walls and ceilings creating echoes, reverberation, and other unwanted noise. 

But with acoustic drop ceiling tiles, you can absorb sound and control excess noise in your home, office, or community space.

Benefits of acoustic drop ceiling tiles

Instantly dampen noise and elevate sound quality

Made from an ultra-thin, sound absorbing material, Feltforms instantly cut down on excess noise. But they don’t just silence the noise. They elevate sound quality to increase speech, music, and audio clarity.  

And best of all, they’re easy to install. With no tools or special skills required, you can take full acoustic control in just minutes.

Create impactful sound clouds in any environment

Sound clouds are designed to absorb sounds and improve the acoustics of large spaces. And whether it’s your home theater, restaurant, or office lobby, Feltforms are available in three unique shapes that adapt to any environment. 

  • Deco
  • Quad
  • Twist

Can’t decide which design is right for you? Order a sample pack to feel the impact before you commit to the change. 

Reduce echo and reverb with superior sound absorbing technology 

Echo and reverberation occur when loud noises reflect off hard surfaces in large rooms. They negatively impact acoustic quality, making it impossible to clearly hear and produce quality sounds. 

Why Feltforms?

Transform the acoustics and aesthetics of any room

Well-designed spaces engage all five human senses. And aside from the visual sense, acoustics are the most important part of your space. 

These acoustic drop ceiling tiles combine both. With decorative designs and advanced sound absorbing technology, they bridge the gap between aesthetics and functionality for ultimate sound control.

Upgrade your drop ceiling without harming the environment

Made for modern creatives, these acoustic drop ceiling tiles champion sound quality and sustainability. Made in the US from recycled plastic bottles (rPET), you can design beautiful spaces that work for you and the planet.