12 Ways to Style Geometric Wall Panels

12 Ways to Style Geometric Wall Panels

Most people redecorate their walls with a new paint color or piece of art. But is that really the best option for your space? Geometric wall panels bring rooms to life with their unique shapes and colors, elevating your space far more than paint or framed artwork ever could. 

But if you’re still on the fence about them, we’re going to help you out. We’ll show you 12 creative ways that you can use geometric wall panels to add texture, inject color, and personalize your home and office spaces

12 ways to style geometric panels to make your walls stand out

Create an accent wall that stands out

Interior accent walls feature a different color, design, or texture than the rest of a room. This makes them the focal point of a space, immediately drawing attention to an area that otherwise may be overlooked. They’re perfect for infusing the room with a splash of bright color and acting as the focal point, especially when used as the backdrop for dramatic wall décor.

electric blue accent wall in living room

This interior ties the colors from the watercolor painting and area rug together with Fractals PlasticForms accent wall painted an electric blue. 

green accent wall in elementary classroom

The color green promotes concentration and mental clarity, making it the perfect choice for this classroom accent wall. It instinctively draws students to the wall, helping them to focus on the teacher’s instructions. Shop the Acoustic Weave PlasticForms

Build your own headboard on a budget

Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, and your headboard is the centerpiece of your bed – it’s meant to stand out. They make the space look more put together, a concept that many young adults often overlook. Headboards are expensive and the heavy, awkward shape makes them difficult to install. Not to mention, it’s difficult to find one that matches your bedroom’s aesthetic. 

PlasticForms solve all of these problems. They’re lightweight, customizable, and most importantly, affordable. So if you’re looking to add a headboard to the master bedroom, look no further than PlasticForms. 

The tall, burgundy headboard
perfectly complements the accent pillows and draws your eyes to it. Build your own headboard

Alternatively, you could create something that’s part headboard, part accent wall. This creative use of the
V2 PlasticForms adds texture and ties in seamlessly with the ceiling. Shop this bedroom look

Draw customer’s attention to the front desk

Most front desks look the same: a neutral tone and a bland company logo. Chances are, your customers already know which business they’ve walked into. Make it a memorable visual experience with PlasticForms and transform your lobby or waiting room.  


This orange and white color scheme definitely turns heads, but the use of the PlasticForms wall panels in this modern office makes visitors look twice, practically pulling them to the front desk. Liven up your front desk

Add depth to high ceilings 

High ceilings make spaces appear larger, But tall, empty walls can feel and sound cavernous, making you feel like you just moved into an empty office. And rather than leave them blank or hang random wall décor, geometric panels can provide some much needed pattern and texture to your home or office space. 

modern art studio created an accent wall that carefully draws viewer’s eyes up to the high ceiling. Recreate this look

The elevated accent wall ties this large, modern living room to the loft without drawing too much attention away from the wall décor.  Add texture to your living room

Be your own artist

Wall art acts as a focal point, demanding the attention and commentary of everyone who enters the space. It’s also a great way to add texture and portray your personality in your home.

But it’s hard to find the right piece to complement your wall. More often than not, you’ll know it when you see it. But instead of searching far and& wide for a piece of art that you might not find (or cost thousands of dollars), you can create your own wall art. And whether you want something simple or a piece that stands out, PlasticForms can do both.

minimalistic wall art contrasts the wall color without overpowering the energy in the room. Design your own wall art. 

Diffuse sound

While PlasticForms are not designed as acoustic tiles, they can be used to reduce echo. They scatter sound waves in many directions, preventing them from bouncing around walls and ruining the space’s acoustics. 

These soundproofing panels are meant to dampen the piano’s volume in the room. But despite their functionality, they lack any aesthetic appeal. This homeowner decided to
cover half of them up to bring life back into the space. We also have decorative soundproofing panels that can stand alone without covering up – shop this look and the acoustic collection

Make your Zoom background pop

Green screen backgrounds and blurred cameras are a relic of digital meetings. Add depth and texture to your workspace with a creative background that ensures all eyes are on you at the next team meeting. 

Circles are abundant in nature – tree rings, rain drops, celestial bodies… the list goes on. The Ripple PlasticForms that sit behind this desk complement the plants, wooden desk, and wooden paneling, truly infusing nature into the workspace. Make your office look like this. 

Captivate your TedX or trade show audience

It’s hard to command the attention of a room in a crowded conference hall. But with a well lit, patterned background, the audience will have another good reason to keep their eyes on the keynote speaker. 

HP illuminated their stage background with LED lights to put all eyes on the speaker. Decorate your next TedX or trade show event with the Ripple PlasticForms - shop now

Pull guests down long hallways

Bring hallways to life with three-dimensional patterns that stand out and force the field of vision to the journey rather than the destination. 

This curved office hallway is a journey in itself, but the geometric wall panels liven it up even more. Shop the Acoustic Weave PlasticForms

Take your vision to new heights

Functionally speaking, staircases are an essential part of your home. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be aesthetically pleasing too. Even if you don’t have a grand staircase in your home, you can still design stairs that excites your guests as they transition between floors. 

This corner staircase has some awkward spacing beneath it. But with a textured wall behind it, the space isn't an afterthought. Shop the Fractals panels.

Give your customers something to talk about

Want to liven up your coffee shop or give couples on their first date something to talk about? A lively interior will make your bar or restaurant more attractive, inviting, and memorable, keeping customers coming back time and again. 

This café bucks design trends by clashing old, exposed brick with modern curvature that resembles a maze. 

Turn your wall into a professional photo background 

Geometric panels transform your walls in more ways than one. When it’s time to upgrade your team’s professional headshots, PlasticForms offer the perfect background for high-quality photos. Say goodbye to gray, lifeless backgrounds, these headshots will jump off the screen. Not to mention, they’re great for shooting & filming social media content for Instagram and TikTok. 

Seth Rogen looks great but the Chevron PlasticForms look better. Shop the look here

Whether you’re adding an accent wall to your home or modernizing your office, MIO’s geometric wall panels are the perfect, budget-friendly solution to add color, flare, and personality to your space. And if you’ve used them in another creative way, let us know!