White Hardwiring kit, parts layout.
White Hardwiring kit installed.
White Hardwiring kit installed in a paneled ceiling.
Black Hardwiring kit installed.
Black Hardwiring kit, parts layout.

Sleek Hardwiring Kit


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There comes a time when hanging your pendant lamps from a hook on the ceiling no longer makes the cut (pun intended!) Wiring a Bendant Lamp or an L-XL right into a junction box is what our Sleek Hardwiring Kit was designed for. The canopy kit includes the hardware necessary to secure any pendant lamp and cover it cleanly.


> 3D CAD
> 2D PDF
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Locally sourced
Curbside Recyclable
Efficient Packaging
Recycled Content
Design Aikido
Environmental Finish



5” / 12.7cm
Height .25” / .6cm
Weight .2lb / 91g
Material Powder Coated Steel
Warranty Manufacturing defects
Shipping Dimensions WxDxH Size: 22x20x37" / 56x51x94cm 
Shipping Weight .4lbs / 181g

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